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by Straggled In

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Recorded Throughout Late 2014 - Early 2015 at home during various slumps and feeling dry. Recorded partially onto Cassette then transferred and mixed on Digital format


released 09 May 2015

All Instruments, Vocals, and recording - Ged Starling



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Straggled In Melbourne, Australia

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Track Name: KV Saves Me
so please go slow
these sleeping thoughts show
we bleed all we know
sew seeds to trees they’ll grow

for what its worth i’ll begin
repetitions wearing thin
you cant see whats within
for you all you know i’m living without sin
Track Name: When It All Came Down
when it all came down
7 days it felt like one
and if we all came around
we wouldn't need to put the heater on

you've been going round in circles yet to cover new ground

when it all came down
7 days it felt like one
and if we all came around
we wouldn't need to put the heater on

potentially you could pull through
tornado brainstorms you can't get used to

when it all came down
7 days it felt like one
and if we all came around
we wouldn't need to put the heater on

silence can be a golden virtue
listening to others seems to hurt you
when it all came down
7 days it felt like one
and if we all came around
we wouldn't need to put the heater on
we'd all have somewhere that we would belong
there's nothing like the company of getting on
sometimes it seems like chivalry has gone
when it all came down
Track Name: Johnston St Fiesta Fiasco
The length of your breath was the key to it all,
And the hole in the plaster it seemed so small,

You got away with yourself but Here you are now, 
You're trying to speak up but you don't know how,
So you bath in a whiskey to cleanse from the lying,
then you try to dry off but you’re still wet from crying,
You’re a box on the wall and you feel so small
and the view from the shelf makes the people seem tall

will you still run up the coast if it’s good for your health?
or will you find out the answer is within yourself?

you’ve got lovers on foot that will walk in the rain when you’ve sunk too much piss and can’t walk to the train

remember the days hanging out at the bowl?
we were to stoned to skate with no problems at all

now the board’s overdue and you get home too late
to rendezvous with the girl that could be your soul mate.

remember the time we all started a band,
the feelings it bought I could not understand
Track Name: Repetition Blues
In a sleep filled haze
i recalled on the days
where the weather is always glum

now the lights out long
and there’s no new songs
to spin out and feel like I belong

I cautioned you that when i feel blue,
it’s contagious to say the least

now from day’s comes weeks,
there’s no tame to a beast
it’s just dormant and planning a new wave

calling all the doctors,
endorsed by crazy pills,
who will force feed what they have to just to pay their bills

but it won’t be long till i’m singing a song,
as if the aforementioned hadn’t yet begun

untill now i sleep underneath a stagnant sheet
and carry on as if there’s nothing wrong
Track Name: In A dream
The sheets said new
it's fooling you
in a dream

your sleep thoughts show
i'm holding you
in a dream

the Holden's go
by my window
tyres scream

the day is new
to nurture you
so serene
Track Name: Sailing Out To Sea Again
the time we filled the cracks between we could of spent on a new floor,
hold me down for what it's worth;
i watched the ship burn from the shore

I gave a bruise yet broke no bones,
you aided with a friend turned foe,
to aid a burn you must submerge
in to an icy depth you go

Sailing out to sea again,
with a ship mate I adore,
she wields no blade upon my throat
and so we sail for evermore
Track Name: Number One Before It's Gone
Lady of mine,
who planted the seed,
I’ll grow the fruit
she prepares it for me

out of the odds
you ran with the herds
coat you with plastic
to hide from the birds

Sit on the sill
till it softens your skin
and ready your flesh
for the soup to begin

now you are done
the first one to me
your flesh willl be sweet
like others still green.